How to remove flash hider jg g36c

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removing flash hider on kwa g36c

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how to remove flash hider jg g36c

July 3rd, 2008, 23: Close your mind to stress and pain, fight 'til you're no longer sane. May 3, 2014 2. You may get lucky and not have glue, just don't try too hard.

The instructions said it would pull right off with a twist. In your bedroom going though your underwear drawer.

how to remove flash hider jg g36c

Mar 2008 Posts: If you for whatever reason get pisssed and force it off, just go to Canadina tire, also know as disney land, crappy tire, and get JB weld metal expoxy ans stick 'er right back on. Monroe, OH Posts: If it is anything like a TM G36C, the threads should be counter clockwise, which means righty-loosy, lefty-tighty.

Question re: JG G36C flash hider removal precautions

May 6, 2014 10. NDFan, I have some barrels for much cheaper...

how to remove flash hider jg g36c

However whenever I tried my whole outer barrel started to bend. Show Ignored Content. Last edited by Texx; 07-07-2008 at 07: Forgot your password? Star and PGC both make one that is designed to fit larger batteries.