How to make ribbon and bead keychains

You may also like. Crafty Fabric Scraps: Make It Love It has a super innovative idea as well. Decor Fun Fashion Festivals.

22 Useful, Creative, Simple and Easy-to-Make DIY Keychains

Pop Can: Oven clay can be a real treat and it is so easy to work with. Gather wild feathers of different colors, shapes, and patterns to make DIY metal keychains with feathers of your dreams.

how to make ribbon and bead keychains

Sew a simple geometric shape on scraps of leather to make this. Add some color and then hook them on a ring to create something charming for your necessary keys. And like the post states, these would be great gifts! A DIY keychain can be crafted from an array of materials such as plastic, metal, etc.

how to make ribbon and bead keychains

They even serve as good memorabilia, promotional tools and give away gifts. For those with a more boho vibe, this macrame lasso keychain is definitely for you!

50 DIY Keychains For You, Your Friends and Your Family!

I could spend all day on this site. Make a ball and dangle it with your DIY metal keychains designed with paracord. It is one of the most adorable gifts that you can think of!

how to make ribbon and bead keychains

Check out these 50 DIY keychains for you, your friends and your family! The best item I ever had is a stretchable bracelet. Just check out a few DIY Keychain Tutorials and you will soon be in a position to make one on your own. Ginger Snaps utilizes small plastic animals in such an adorable way!