How to make a round granny square

how to make a round granny square

I normally sew or knit — but after seeing this beautiful pattern great colour combo! I just noticed what I think is a mistake at the point where you make the corner of square.

How to Crochet a Circle Granny Square

Round 4: The middle circle I am using tulle for a scrubbie. Oct 12, 2015, Written by Elisalex de Castro Peake.

how to make a round granny square

For more information please see my disclosures page. Close the round with a slip stitch and fasten off your yarn. Join with the 3rd chain of the starting chain 3 with a slip stitch, and slip stitch to the next corner ch 1 space.

how to make a round granny square

Remember, the counts of 11 and 15 are not counting the corner stitches. We're not using crochet abbreviations, but we are using UK crochet terminology. This project is a great stash buster!

The 2 strands of yarn that make up 1 braid, is your stitch. You have clear instructions which is great.

how to make a round granny square

Just as we had a total of 12 stitches in our first round, you should now have 24 trebles all around as we increase. The line has so many bright, cheery and pastel colors to make both classic and trendy items alike!

Circle to Square Granny Square Tutorial

This post contains affiliate links. Went out and bought the yarn to make this for future Grandbabies but I am having trouble with getting the 11 dc and the 15 dc!

Upcycled patchwork, modern quilts, and books by Blair Stocker. Close your round with a slip stitch when you get all the way back.

Feel free to upload photos to the Just Be Crafty Facebook page or use the hashtag justbecrafty on Instagram so that I can see! You should now have a chain 4, 2 double trebles, chain 2 and 3 double trebles all in the one space.

how to make a round granny square