How old do you look test

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Of the three we tested, it got all of them exactly right. A place for St.

how old do you look test

I'm 28. The company unveiled the website at a conference Thursday as a way to show off its new face detection software, which could eventually make its way into a slew of new apps. I submitted one photo of myself almost bare-faced and another in which I am heavily made-up on a photo shoot.

Action woman Kate!

How old do you really look? This website will tell you in seconds

More top stories. Still, we can never know for sure if they're actually sincere or they are lying, just to make us feel better.

how old do you look test

The website did get my age spot-on here, however, when I uploaded this school snap of my ten-year-old self. Features Infographics Projects Issues Menu.

how old do you look test

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how old do you look test

But guessing someone's age is a dangerous game, even for a robot. Here are some fun questions asking about your style and demeanor. Ruins Everyone’s Self-Esteem - SourceFed Plays!

Scroll down for video. Like us on Facebook. Senior Femail reporter Ruth Styles, who is 30 but was judged to be 26, says she is often mistaken as being younger than she is in real life. Taylor Swift was 23 when this photo was taken — but the computer thinks she's "feeling 22.