How many nakshatra in indian astrology

The nakshatras are classified on the basis of many aspects. The nakshatras are male and some are female. One more classification is based on the gunas namely rajo, tamo and sato guna. In Sanskrit, naks means sky and shetra means region or area. Sadhe Sati. Live consultation Get the live telephonic consultation from our celebrity astrologers. Know more about our. Live consultation.


Planets and impacts. These nakshatras are 27 in numbers and together they comprises of 360 degrees in the sky from a fixed point. So the value for each nakshatra is 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Nakshatras are ruled by their respective deities and planets.

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how many nakshatra in indian astrology

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how many nakshatra in indian astrology

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how many nakshatra in indian astrology

Dhan Yogas. Astrology consultation and readings. Gemstones and Impacts. During this journey, moon travels through all of these nakshatras and at a particular time, it resides in a nakshatra.