Designs by april wholesale inventories

The third type uses the historical data as a direct replacement value for a non-respondent. Prior to publication, combined survey results are analyzed for comparability; in general, this includes a detailed review of individual responses especially for large businesses , general economic conditions and historical trends..

Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey (MWTS)

Finally, the annual totals of the seasonally adjusted series are forced to the annual totals of the original series. The Business Register is a repository of information reflecting the Canadian business population and exists primarily for the purpose of supplying frames for all economic surveys in Statistics Canada.

designs by april wholesale inventories

However, the survey results remain subject to errors, of which sampling error is only one component of the total survey error. Inventory investment was neutral to GDP growth in the first quarter.

designs by april wholesale inventories

Raw data are revised, on a monthly basis for the month immediately prior to the current reference month being published. The take-none portion is taken into account by the ratio estimator.

All other errors arising from the various phases of a survey are referred to as non-sampling errors. There are three types of historical imputation methods. In addition, the business community uses the data to analyse market performance.

Related products. For example, units have been defined in a most precise manner and the most up-to-date listings have been used.

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Ratio estimation consists of replacing the initial sampling weights defined as the inverse of the probability of selection in the sample by new weights in a manner that satisfies the constraints of calibration. Using the BR will ensure data quality, while avoiding overlap between surveys and minimizing response burden to the greatest extent possible.

Statistical editing is run prior to imputation in order to identify the data that will be used as a basis to impute non-respondents. First of all, editing is done during data collection.

Wholesale inventories up 0.6% in May, vs 0.5% gain estimate

Measures have been undertaken to minimize the non-sampling errors. Methods used, among others, are interviewer techniques such as probing and persuasion, repeated re-scheduling and call-backs to obtain the information, and procedures dealing with how to handle non-compliant refusal respondents.

designs by april wholesale inventories

Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from releasing any information it collects which could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent or as permitted by the Statistics Act.