Zagreus doctor who review season

zagreus doctor who review season

She has always been true to him. Posted by Joe Ford at 07: A bubbling vat of smelly goo. It's really not.

50. Zagreus

On one hand, it doesn't really matter. I'm not wild about the main plot strand, though it develops quite well from the previous Eighth Doctor story, Neverland, but the device of exploring the Doctor's past through distorted reflections in his subconscious works - it could have been really gruesome and self-indulgent, but in fact you can't wait to find out what happens next. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

She tries vainly to work her way through the story, suffering surrealist dreamscapes and Gallifreyan history before finally being well and truly shat on in the last half an hour. Leela has been asked to deliver a message to Romana, which Romana immediately scoffs at…not so much the message as the messenger.

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The hardly-masked allusions to Alice in Wonderland and Disney throughout these scenes is too blatant and almost on the verge of parody.

Give me more. I would love to see a return of him as Zagreus, leading Gallifrey against the next Doctor. However, it will be a long time before I put aside four hours of my life and re-listen to this one again...

zagreus doctor who review season

However I am such a sad completest that I would still suggest you see it all through... We get voices from more Doctor Who alums than you ever thought could be put together.

Doctor Who: Zagreus

No relationship is perfect, and even someone as romantic as the Eighth Doctor needs his grumpy moments. Dec 16, 2016 Laura Naysmith rated it really liked it.

Surely there is a more effective and more concise manner of setting the scene than the dubious sequence of talking and virtual reality sequences presented here.

zagreus doctor who review season

Well, not much to get from the synopsis Big Finish gives, but the cast actually does say a lot. It was great recognising the voices of actors in different roles, both companions and doctors.

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Fantastic but a very, very long adventure. I became sick and tired of companions loving the Doctor and moaning Rose, anyone?

zagreus doctor who review season

Remember Mr. The show was off the air at the time, so they did this audio adventure tribute. I was waiting impatiently to get a hold of this part of a bigger story arc of the Doctor and Charley. The former because I love stories with a historical setting. Oh lord. In a big way. The story itself is a bit confusing from time to time, but in a good way as they lead you to accept things only to throw some of them away at some point. Remember Me.