Who can see the moon right now

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For best results, look for the duo low in the southeastern sky between 6 and 7 a. Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. There may be more, but this is what I use: At its new phase, the moon is travelling between the Earth and the sun. Skip to main content.

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This is a tough question, and one that even the experts make mistakes on. Current Moon phase simulation The Moon icon at the top shows approximately what the current Moon phase looks like from the selected location. Objects search.

who can see the moon right now

All rights reserved. Sunlight striking the moon at a shallow angle produces spectacularly illuminated landscapes along the terminator that separates the lit and dark hemispheres.

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Finding the moon in the sky is easiest when the moon is at least in a thick crescent phase, and when the sky is totally free from clouds, and the humidity is low. The star will pop out from the opposite, bright edge of the moon about an hour later. Actually, it's not just during the Harvest Moon that this happens.

who can see the moon right now

The dimmest object visible in the night sky under perfectly dark conditions is about magnitude 6. On some days, the Moon does not rise or set. Elsewhere around the world, the moon is not as close. Lat Height: Unfortunately, 12 full moons do not equal one 365 day year. As you move your cursor along the curved line, it will give you specific information about that time of day altitude and direction for the moon.

who can see the moon right now

For about half an hour after dusk during the two week period preceding the new moon on March 6, look west-southwest for a broad wedge of faint light rising from the horizon and centered on the ecliptic green line. You could even make the observations while lining up to go in from recess! So, when it's light on the right it's First Quarter. See an animated version of the graphic you see to the right.

who can see the moon right now

Moon Set: Lunar data for the selected location. Editor's note: Note that the Moon phase illustration does not show whether the Moon is currently below the horizon or invisible due to clouds. The night sky is more than just the moon and stars, if you know when and where to look. For all of us, Jupiter and our companion moon will appear very bright and close enough to make waking up early more than worthwhile.