What is all of the planets names

In a highly controversial decision , the International Astronomical Union ultimately decided in 2006 to call Pluto a "dwarf planet," reducing the list of "real planets" in our solar system to eight. The weather.

what is all of the planets names

Neptune was "predicted" by John Couch Adams and Urbain Le Verrier who, independently, were able to account for the irregularities in the motion of Uranus by correctly predicting the orbital elements of a trans- Uranian body.

Roman name for Greek Hygeia. This explosion caused all the matter, gas and dust in the universe to expand, and it slowly transformed into galaxies, stars, and all the astronomical objects known today, including the solar system.

Planet Names

Dia is the daughter of Eioneus known as the divine daughter of the seashore. Hamilton E. It has the shortest day in the solar system, which lasts almost 10 hours, and it takes almost 12 Earth-years to orbit the Sun. Nicholson and J. The name of a group of Greek water nymphs who were guardians of lakes, fountains, springs, and rivers.

what is all of the planets names

Bond; independently discovered September 18, 1848 at Liverpool by W. Gleason, and T.

what is all of the planets names

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Order Of the Planets From The Sun

Zeus desired to make love to her. Margot, M.

what is all of the planets names

This means that Pluto, which was considered to be the farthest planet since its discovery in 1930, now is classified as a dwarf planet. Named by Herschel's son John in the early 19th century for a Giant felled by Hephaestus or Ares in the war between the Titans and Olympian gods.

Neujmin 243 Ida Named for a nymph who raised the infant Zeus.

what is all of the planets names

March 31, 2005 Palomar Observatory M. Trujillo, and D. Mercury 1: