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Considering that the majority of the global population is non-white, we do immediately see how white, western-centric biases -- from race and gender beliefs to cultural standards of beauty and value -- dominate the very way the web works and what stories it tells about humanity.

In Buffy's dining room, they search through hard copies of Cassie's medical records and find nothing noteworthy. For example, search for the word 'man,' and you get images almost entirely of white men, albeit of varying ages. Show More Results. Homeschool have moved up from 10th to enter the RB in 7th, but Darius is flummoxed at what to do after he's got his bags in reasonable time: Previous Share Next. Assembling knives is more straightforward if still rather complicated...

Simply by deciding which information most of the world should see, Google has the power to build or destroy businesses of all sizes, shift election results , sway public opinion and reinforce the unconscious biases of developers themselves. Sign up.

The Google graveyard: Remembering three dead search engines

Preview comment. Roadblock at the old market: Dogpile is ranked No. From around the web. Facebook VKontakte Google. Remember me.

And the pit stop...

The Amazing Race, season 28: Legs 1 to 4

The site was hit hard when the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s. Well, in the interests of fairness, of course they would, right? The contestants arrive at night, so it means a bunch up, and after picking up some queue cards at a chocolate shop, they're made to sleep in some sort of underground cellar and Blair and Brody decide to share the same sleeping bag, prompting Kurt to try to get blodie going: Create an account.

If humanity's knowledge is a series of books, Dogpile is an attempt to let people read more than one volume.

The bench Detour is a rather crazy task that is not made any easier by locals actually using the bench for its intended purpose, including two guys playing a game of chess! Apple opens in-app subscription discounts to existing users. Meanwhile, the transfers allow sets of teams to catch up to each other, eventually leading to 8 of the 9 remaining teams arriving in Chamonix on the same train!!