What factory load for 243

The last time I spoke to a local deerkeeper on the subject of rifles, he told me he allways used Browning rifles and Federal ammo, but that is in.

what factory load for 243

Not a fan of the 100gr Core Lokts. That's what I'll be using. Factory Ammo Recommendations. Then I got a box of the federal trophy copper and a box of the vortex. The 75-gr. You don't need a Partition for an Antelope, but I've used them in the past because they grouped well and I was using the same gun for mule deer.

First time Pronghorn hunters looking for factory ammo recommendations. If I didn't hand load I would go to Walmart and see what's on the shelf.

.243 Win. factory load recommendations?

I'll try the Core-Lokt's at distance and see how they do. Favourite factory loads for Browning X-bolt. I don't get the really tight groups like I get out of my.

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Favourite factory loads for Browning X-bolt .243

Kiwi I have found 90g sako gameheads are as good as you are going to get through my. All your calibers sound fine though.

what factory load for 243

Sphinx-based search. There's A Walmart within fifteen miles of me in every direction. Set it up with Meopta Artemis 2000 3-12x50 and when i went to buy some bullets they only had Remy 80gr so grabbed a packet and had a crack.

what factory load for 243

Don't drive yourself crazy over complicating things. This rule is just as important on heavy boned deer and for those who choose to use the.

Partitions, Ballistic Tips, Accubonds, Fusions. It just doesn't matter much, unless you are pushing the boundaries of the cartridge such as thinking it is a 500 yard deer rifle, or choosing to take raking or heavily quartering shots.

.243 Explained - The Gun Shop

This is a newer round than what I'm using but it's pretty much the same ammo. May 5, 2007 7.

what factory load for 243

No, create an account now. Any good factory ammo recommendations bullet type, bullet weight, brand in these calibers? Originally Posted by VikingsGuy.

what factory load for 243

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