Punishment for delhi rappers who died

My son seems content now. Violent protests exploded in several cities after the crime, a reaction commentators and sociologists said reflected a deep well of frustration that many urban Indians feel over what they see as weak governance and poor leadership on social issues.

Violence against women in India, many of whom are crushed by patriarchal norms, is simply unacceptable. A bus pulls up to the Munirka stop where Jyoti and Awindra waited that night.

punishment for delhi rappers who died

Singh told reporters outside the Delhi courtroom, where dozens of police had formed a barricade to keep crowds back. The men who fell upon her had no respect for her as a person: Last month, too, Human Rights Watch published an 82-page report citing the difficulties faced by women and girls in reporting sexual assault. The committee cannot be on the level of the bureaucracy.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi reacts to the verdict.

punishment for delhi rappers who died

A glass cabinet on another wall displays the mementoes and certificates they have been given for their tireless campaigning. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas welcomes the verdict in an emotional tweet. The court will punish them. I believe it is the responsibility of all parents to give equal attention to their children, irrespective of boys and girls, and give them proper education.

Four Guilty Of Delhi Gang Rape Sentenced To Death

They continue to refuse to give permission for her photograph to be used. Jyoti had made tea for the family and gone off to meet Awindra.

Justice Dipak Misra.

punishment for delhi rappers who died

What happened to Jyoti Singh over the best part of an hour physically sickens everyone who has been obliged to listen to the details. She had less than two weeks left to live. We are trying to wake up this completely apathetic system.

Five years after the gang-rape and murder of Jyoti Singh, what has changed for women in India?

I have no answer. They are chasing two minutes of fame. They beat Awindra and threw the couple out, half-naked, into the night. Both girls needed operations as a result of the attacks.

punishment for delhi rappers who died