Pompadour men hairstyle how to

25 Pompadour Hairstyles and Haircuts

My client and I discussed this and decided the contrast from skin to long hair on top is wicked! Basically, this hairstyle can fit a lot of face shapes and looks and that is what makes it special to me. This time I used Layrite Cement. The Timeless Haircut for Men. The sides and back are combed neatly and kept close to the head while a sort of mound, or quiff , is constructed using the longer hair at the front.

pompadour men hairstyle how to

The sides can be buzzed with any razor length. This really depends on the hair type, but what I would describe as essential products are forming cream, pomade and hairspray. Anthony Giannotti. You apply the pomade first, make the part, and then create the pompadour itself. Suavetico Firme and Layrite Super Hold are perfect for those who need a high-hold pomade that stays strong all day. Use the comb to lift up the hair.

Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

While hers was a sort of upstyle on acid, what we over the years have come to know and love as the pompadour is, at its simplest, a style that calls for hair to be swept up and back over the head. The model for my cut has very thick hair. Suavecito Pomade Firme Strong Hold 4 oz. Like the disconnected pompadour, its modern version is a high contrast style that defines both the sides and top.

50 Pompadour Hairstyle Variations + Comprehensive Guide

This can be a challenge with wavy hair. Many on this list will be good for you, but others will work great.

pompadour men hairstyle how to

Alternatively, you can lift your hair up with a comb and apply the pomade to your lifted hair, working it in and backward. The long pompadour is also feasible for guys with medium to long hair.

pompadour men hairstyle how to

Less of a commitment than longer variations — not only in terms of time, but also the confidence required to pull it off — the short pompadour is a more subtle take on the modern style. If you want that classic pomp, you want length on the sides. I recommend a light gel or grooming spray to help create a base when blow drying.