Planetside 2 how to play good

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A single medic can redefine a battlefield. You can't. During this run, keep your eyes open and take note of what kinds of forces are there and how far your army has pierced their defenses. You cannot attack while invisible. The catch is that, like building a Vehicle, a Max requires a Resource investment to create, so you can only use Max every now and then.

planetside 2 how to play good

Don't get discouraged if your first experimentation with a vehicle ends in disaster. Get a vehicle or an aircraft and fly in there! Once you choose an allegiance for a new character, that character is forever locked into that faction.

planetside 2 how to play good

The Conglomerate are rebels with a more rough, fly-by-night feel to their arsenal. Your map and HUD will indicate the location of squad mates.

planetside 2 how to play good

The more Facilities your faction controls, the more Resources become available. To switch to any vacant station, press the matching Function key. Overall stability fixes and brand new avatar items are on the way.

planetside 2 how to play good

Follow altchargames YouTube. Check Your Chat and Watch the Map! The first few seconds of life are about finding safety and cover. You have a Jetpack, use it!

planetside 2 how to play good

Tanks require slowly-regenerating Mechanized resources to generate, and there are also time limits on how often an individual player may spawn a tank. Try to do everything you can from attacking anything head on… And most importantly, it almost falls onto your shoulders to seek out and bring down unguarded generators.

Five tips to ease your entry into Planetside 2 as an infantryman

Three space-going Factions battle in endless war for control of scarce planetary Resources. That means that the mini-map is your best friend and the ability to control its zoom factor, at all times, is vital. Thanks a lot. Tanks use A and D to rotate. Do you favor sniping or scouting?

10 Planetside 2 Best Advanced Strategy Tips for Newbies/Squads

All your early days as a support class should be understood as a learning experience. Planetside 2 players will more often than not express their gratitude for any and all support you can provide.

Tank gunners are always in short supply, a competent medic can keep an advance going long after it should have been stopped dead in its tracks, and a single engineer with a well placed turret can deny the enemy any chance of taking a base long enough for his allies to regroup.

A common strategy is to equip Light Assault and then either climb to the roof using jump jets or slip through the narrow windows over the large force fields. One word: