How to style my african braids

how to style my african braids

You actually do not have to learn how to style long box braids in order to achieve this look. Box braids are a wonderful hairstyle as they allow you a myriad of styling options.

How to style long braids

Have you just gotten your long braids done? Via therighthairstyles. Look at the lady above, does she not look amazing in her chunky black braided hairstyle? Next, fold your bandana or scarf such that its width is just big enough. Share On vk Share On vk. To arrive at this look, first begin by creating a mid-parting of your braids.

The lightness of crochet braids makes it possible to achieve this look.

65 Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Women

Take the braids ponytail and twist it until it is firm enough. Watch the 5-minute tutorial here.

how to style my african braids

Miss Froaky Tumblr. However, you should be very careful with this hairstyle.

how to style my african braids

Via gurl. To achieve the above hairstyle, one only needs to swoop all the braids to one side of the head, as in the picture shown above. Similar to the look above, but just braid your bang back and it only takes a few steps.

how to style my african braids

Well, this article might just be a holy grail for you as it presents the best ways to style your braids. Think it is important? Be sure to check out the 75 Braided Hairstyles Pictures too! Share On pinterest Share On pinterest.