How to say rephrase in spanish

I wouldn't know Ask Question.

how to say rephrase in spanish

Could you elaborate it a bit more, emphasizing the role the modal verb would plays in it? Yay did a great job of explaining the answer however I think the right tense in Spanish for this would be the conditional form, which is what " would " kind of is in Spanish.

In almost any case, one could rephrase the former as the latter. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

how to say rephrase in spanish

Leonardo DiCaprio has proved he has a sense of humour about years of being rejected by the Academy when he was overheard joking about his awards drought. Not the engraver replying.

In Other Words in Spanish

Share Flipboard Email. Rathony Yes; that's better. Similarly, our assumption that ministerial drift takes the form of spending can easily be rephrased in terms of policy. Users are often forced to rephrase their questions, until a form the system can understand is reached.

In the Leonardo DiCaprio example the translation would be: Compare paraphrase verb. In other words, the controversy ended. Gee, I wouldn't know. Rathony It's DiCaprio speaking throughout. However, in our work, it is more practical to translate, or rather rephrase , the query, by using more biologically meaningful keywords. Blog On the edge of my seat: Matias Andina Matias Andina 678 3 9.

When doing so, we often use a phrase such as "in other words," "to put it another way" or, more formally, "that is to say. Sign up now Log in.

how to say rephrase in spanish

Sign up using Email and Password. Or they need to be rephrased so as to make them comprehensible. Ustanak Well, it is right, just not in this case. Mary would arguably know the answer if she, say, had a passion for Amazon's fauna to the extent that she actually knew how many fish there are in the Amazon River. Is there any other alternative translation? This is obviously a hyperbole, since there are some conditions that would allow Mary to know the answer, but saying there's none is a way to make her sound more contundent.

Or think of Mary's example: