How to read mid month les

how to read mid month les

Reserved for future use. This is where you'll want to look for extra pay if any , and all the things being withdrawn from pay like taxes, Social Security, TSP, etc.

how to read mid month les

SSG Smurf August 19, 2014, 10: Next up is block 15, which will have the same money amount as block 21. SSgt Tim Ricci.

how to read mid month les

Normally, you earn 2. The LES shows that your pay is calculated on a monthly basis, and that the mid-month pay is deducted from the total to result in your end-of-month pay. Any retroactive deductions will be added to like deductions. Make sure you create a vacation budget before you head out.

How to Navigate your LES

My Profile News Home Page. The number of days of leave that has been lost. Tricare Dental Program for Army Dependents. It may have started at the beginning of the fiscal year, when active duty began, or the day after your service member was paid Lump Sum Leave LSL. Quite literally, it pays to know your way around an LES.

How To Read an Army LES (Leave Earnings Statement)

On the last day of the month is when his LES will have the breakdown of his pay. This story is provided and presented by our sponsor Navy Federal Credit Union.

Read on. Mid-month pay: Here is where dependent information is listed. Makes it a million times easier to budget and plan! One word of advice: These blocks can get confusing, because some will have money amounts in them, while others won't. Block 27 is simply the amount of leave you've burned through in the current fiscal year. Block 19 is a special block because that's your take home pay, or the amount that will show up in your specified savings or checking account.

The number of people with which the member shares housing costs.