How to play support class bf3 hacks

The basic way to win is to employ one of these tactics smoothly or to use a combination of the three to overtake your enemy and force them into spawning in an unsafe area. This causes a break down in your enemys defense lines, allowing the rest of your team to over take the enemy.

Map size has a lot to do with this. Spot players that are on roof tops and high areas and try and flank them first. John lives on a 200-acre farm somewhere in Canada.

Section V: Hangman Bronze - Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging 19. What is the point of sending the reports with actual videos attached if you ignore it?

For equipment you want to of course use ammo boxes whenever you will be sitting in a position for any given time. Stay away from hills and move in the valleys. Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade.

If he's feeling particularly destructive, John flicks on a hack called "Mass Murder" and strolls through a Battlefield battlefield while every opposing player just drops dead.

Mortar HACK

Strongholding or as some like to call it "camping" is where your team establishes a front, secures all sides, and then battens down the hatches to weather the storm. Players are running and shooting from what seems like all directions. Just enough time to get out of there, letting my mortar get destroyed, wait a few seconds to rearm my mortar then set up again. Bullet damage cheats are not detected by tour tools and any video reports recording players one shotting everyone with LMGs are being ignored.

Their star hacker is someone named HelioS, a mysterious figure who is regularly outfoxing or being outfoxed by the makers of games such as Battlefield.

That shows some dedication. Killing someone awards you a point and reviving someone will take that point back for your team but still will let the player keep the kill.

Good Ole Boyz Gaming

If you go down, tell your team. Moving down corridors you want to move close to walls. Get a kill with the Gunship Destroyer Silver: On the other end of the spectrum, using automatic fire in close quarters is going to be more effective, unless you can spam that trigger pretty fast.

If you are not comfortable with those scopes then the 4x Acog also works well. Video games have not compelled him to misbehave in the real world.