How to measure mountain bike tyres

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Mountain Bike Tires: Maxxis (Which is Best For You?)

They are designed for rims which do not have the hook for the bead and so are lighter , being glued in placed with tubular cement or secured using special tape. One of the most important tire characteristics is air pressure. Tyres of the same size may come with lots of different markings: Only fit and use tyres that leave you enough clearance between your tyre and bike frame or fork.

Mountain bike tyres buying guide

Tyre Pressure Gauge. Typically ranging between 70 for hard-wearing utility tyres right down to 40 for DH-specific gravity rubber. While pro and serious amateur riders may opt for discipline-specific tyres, most BMX riders will be looking for a good all-rounder that offers the ideal balance of durability, toughness, comfort, weight and price.

how to measure mountain bike tyres

Whether you're mountain biking on dry trails in Utah or through the waterfalls of Iceland, having the right tires is crucial for the best riding experience. It is alway best to pick something suitable for the terrain you are riding on.

how to measure mountain bike tyres

BMX tyres http: The manufacturer's label on your wheelset should detail the size of tyre they need. Many riders will therefore opt for an all-round tyre that provides the optimum performance balance for their needs.

Measuring a bicycle tire takes a few, simple steps. The thick rubber on the part of the tyre that comes into contact with the ground is called the tread , while thinner rubber covers the sidewalls between the tread and the beads.

Think about the local trails you spend most of your time on and how your current tyres perform on them and what they could be doing better.

Bike tyre buying guide

Tyre levers Investing in a decent set of levers will make swapping tyres far easier particularly as road tyres tend to sit quite snuggly on their rims. Typically, a front tyre will have a slightly wider profile than a rear tyre. Combine the measurements of tire diameter and width to obtain the tire size. Alongside the tire size, you have the option of running tubeless or tubed tires.

how to measure mountain bike tyres

To determine the ISO diameter, measure in millimeters from the center of the wheel to only the inner edge of the tire and double the figure.

So it is helpful to understand some of the basic concepts behind their construction and design in order to choose a set that will really suit your riding. Measure in inches for traditional tire measurements or in millimeters for the ISO measurement.