Actors who have big noses

actors who have big noses

Miller, M. Checkout this list of 15 female celebrities who had ugly noses but you never knew.

actors who have big noses

In 2003 Shia won a Daytime Emmy Award for this leading role. Her nose was extra pointy and was relatively wide prior to the Angel we see today. Sort by: And a little change here and there never hurts, right?

6 Actors With Weird Noses

With all of the attention and media following her around the clock, she needs to make sure she always looks her best! The same goes for normal people.

actors who have big noses

As a young star, his nose was overly wide and had no structure. Tyra started her career at only 15 years old and has gotten quite far! Tell us what you think about this feature. At the end of the day, female celebrities must be very conscious of their appearance or they essentially can put their careers at risk. As an American pop singer, film and television producer, dancer, actor, and author, Lance was able to establish a name in the industry all on his own. Josh started his career in 2002 by appearing in some commercials and a few feature films.

15 Female Celebrities Who Had Ugly Noses

If regular men have this much pressure, can you imagine how much pressure male celebrities face? Before her rhinoplasty, her nose was much larger and took away from the unique beauty hidden underneath. Copy from this list Export Report this list. His nose needed a change, but it was just one aspect of his nose.

20 Celebs With Noses Bigger Than Ski Slopes

Other Lists by polexia. This do-it-all radio personality, producer, and television host has made himself a face to remember throughout the years.

It only makes sense that with a face like that all of the girls chase after him. Some of the women on this list probably have indeed had more subtle nose jobs, but most of them are still rocking a somewhat-ethnic look.

The procedure definitely made him more picture-perfect for the stage and gave him a much more structured appearance. Tom La Vecchia March 17, 2015. Better known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was a do it all kind of guy! Scarlett is a model, actress, and an underground singer.

actors who have big noses