Where to search newspaper archives

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where to search newspaper archives

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience, for advertising purposes, and to understand how people use our website. I then have a much better chance of finding the correct article about my grandma as a young woman during the dustbowl with only have 3 results to explore for those parameters.

Newspaper archives offer a wealth of depth and color to your family tree.

where to search newspaper archives

If want to search for my grandmother Elsie Lucas maiden name from Missouri, start with- Who: British newspapers provide a window into the past — people will be able to find their ancestors and discover what life was like on their street, their town and their time period from the 1700s up to today.

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Search newspaper archives for your family tree Looking for a specific individual? The filters on the left of the screen [ see image below ] will further refine and narrow your results by newspaper title, publication date, or region.

where to search newspaper archives

Newspapers are available to search by name, keywords and date through innovative, so the technique to narrow search fields is different than the regular search on findmypast. Elsie Lucas What else: How to Search Newspaper Archives on findmypast.

What newspaper collections are on findmypast.

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That's fine Learn more. Try searching our selection of newspaper publications on findmypast. For example: Other Findmypast sites: Cookies on Findmypast: More than 120 million newspaper pages are searchable with our U. Our newspaper archives are hand selected to be local and regional publications revealing the meat of family history. Explore our records.

where to search newspaper archives

Use "Who" to enter a first and last name. Newspaper archives on findmypast reach back three decades, and cover 12 countries including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Scotland and The Caribbean. Learn how to use newspaper archives for family history and get the most out of your search on Findmypast.

where to search newspaper archives

Use "What else? If want to search for my grandmother Elsie Lucas maiden name from Missouri, start with-. Begin by searching for a name or keyword, and gradually include additional information such as a location to narrow your results.

Missouri Start broad, and then filter: These newspapers span 300 years and are not available through any other family history website.