When is breeding season for comet goldfish

I had perfect conditions in the pond before the spawn.

when is breeding season for comet goldfish

Do you think they could be left out for their first winter or do you think I should bring them in as well…separate aquarium? Just a few weeks you will likely start seeing darting little koi and goldfish fry around the edges of your pond; swimming in and out of the rockwork and plants where they will grow out until they are real deal baby fish.

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Please what can I do as this chasing is becoming more aggressive. What is a spawning Mop? Will the eggs of the koi float down stream? Usually the adults deals with most of the babies.

Comet Goldfish – The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Comet Goldfish

Hi Steve. I am making an outdoor water garden with live plants floating, submerged, marginal, rooted floating. Try using a diffuser that will create very small air bubbles and does not put out too much pressure.

Have fun!!

when is breeding season for comet goldfish

I would not wait to introduce them to the 30 gallon tank and leave the little guys in the 5 gallon to grow up a bit more. Hey Gary. All types of goldfish reach sexual maturity at the age of 1 year if given a proper diet and enough space to thrive.

Goldfish Breeding: What You Need To Know

This can be done by providing comet goldfish with a wide variety of vegetables and Spirulina based flakes or pellets. See the fish are spawning now. Start improving the diet of your goldfish.

when is breeding season for comet goldfish

Should I buy a new aquarium kit or just get a 5 gallon tank and an aerator? Mike we have 25 koi we have had our pond for 8 years this year we got lucky noted spawning I removed plants after we have babies… My question is they are one month old and a few of them have some visible black but the rest are completely white or cream it was a flock spawn when will I see color in them or will they stay whitish cream? Yes they will progress on their own just fine for a while.

when is breeding season for comet goldfish

Finely crushed flake food, or finely crushed pellets; the powder at the bottom of a food container is also good to use. They are all still brown. So, I guess any tips for training the fish to avoid the birds or should I just leave them to learn to be quick?