What is are1 in sap sd

This i another document whih is created after creation of an excise invoice. Enterprise Software. Don't have an account? Something went wrong on our end.

SAP Are1 Table Tables

What will be role of Assembler and manufacture in excise documents. November 02, 2009 03: Hide Comments View Comments.

what is are1 in sap sd

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what is are1 in sap sd

Hope this answers your question. Answer this question. One of our customer in india wanted to export goods to another country. Arun kumar.

what is are1 in sap sd

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Difference between Are 1 and Are 3 document

Tech Sign In Page. Hi Arun, ARE 1, Application for Export of goods, document issued for filing of shipping bills to customs house, while exporting materials. ARE-1 is a document which is used in case of direct exports.

what is are1 in sap sd

Its used in case of three scenarios, export under bond, under LOUT and under claim for rebate.