Somewhere over the rainbow lead guitar lesson

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World

Hi, eventually I may get time to do that but all my focus is currently on creating content for this site. The song is a beautiful ballad and was sung by the starring actress of the film, Judy Garland. Toggle navigation.

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somewhere over the rainbow lead guitar lesson

This fingerstyle arrangement isn't too difficult to play. G D C G Ohhh, ohhh...

somewhere over the rainbow lead guitar lesson

C B7 Em C Ohhh, ohhh... Song Details: Above all, it is up to you to play what you desire and see fit — I just wanted to make this note for the sake of being complete.

Personally, this always helps me memorize things quite a bit more quickly. Join the school.

somewhere over the rainbow lead guitar lesson

Want to really take your fingerpicking to the next level? The key thing to focus on when doing any fingerstyle arrangement is the melody. If you want to get a bit more in depth with the guitar chords, I should note a few optional variations you can include as you see fit.

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somewhere over the rainbow lead guitar lesson

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