Silver 92.5 wholesale philippines

silver 92.5 wholesale philippines

Trust us, we started small and now we are earning more than P100,000 per month. It takes an initial capital of as less as P500. Because there are a lot of unscrupulous individuals who pose as silver jewelry wholesalers but are only after your hard earned money.

Silver Kingdom 925 Philippines

Latest statistics show that direct selling, which include selling sterling or Italian 925 silver jewelry, gives high return of investments and does not require huge capital nor does it demand too much of your time.

If you want to start a silver jewelry business or if you want to be our dealer, email us at silverkingdom925 gmail.

silver 92.5 wholesale philippines

Saturday, March 23, 2013 Silver Dealer in the Philippines. Silver Kingdom 925 offers wholesale silver jewelries in the Philippines for dealers who want to earn more from their investment. Never trust someone who just started a Facebook page yesterday or today.

Silver jewelry business in the Philippines does not require much capital and does not demand too much of your time. Silver Kingdom 925 Philippines is ready to assist you.

silver 92.5 wholesale philippines

We operate online and we deliver around the Philippines. If you are looking for the best and fastest way to earn income with the lowest capital, being a silver dealer for sterling 925 Italy jewelries is the best thing to do.

silver 92.5 wholesale philippines

We don't have a physical office. That means we don't need to mark up our prices too high. Email This BlogThis! By having support teams in Cebu, customers from the Visayas and Mindanao are assured that their silver orders will be processed within 3 days after the order is placed.


We are Silver Kingdom 925, the largest and most reliable dealer of Italy 925 silver jewelry items in the country today. Wherever you are in the Philippines, you can avail of our items with free shipping for a minimum amount.

Email us at silverkingdom925 gmail. Silver dealer , Silver Supplier in the Philippines , wholesale silver dealer. Posted by e-journalist at 6: Our silver items can be availed for retail or wholesale prices.

Silver jewelry business, therefore, is cheap to start and easy to maintain. That means we don't have to pay for expensive monthly rent, utilities, and other operating expenses.

silver 92.5 wholesale philippines