Howard county missouri sheriff election

February 26, 2019 5: The magistrate could increase the speed with which a case moves through the system.

Mike Neal wins election for sheriff

Lines of communication must be open so that together we can continue to find ways to become ever more efficient with our tax dollars, while working to expand our tax base through smart economic development.

Let us know what's going on! In 2006, Sullivan also ran an unsuccessful state representative campaign. Neal won the three-way race for sheriff with 38. The Columbia Missourian produces in-depth journalism across many platforms while coaching talented MU students. Missourian File Photo. Kokomo couple opens ExoticTails, a bird and reptile rescue and sanctuary Experts: Benjamin Hoste.

howard county missouri sheriff election

Quality jobs will help lower our opioid, drug and alcohol issues. A judge must be a good listener, and have jury trial experience in criminal law. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Sign Up Today.

These are the people listed on the ballot seeking the open seat.

Election Results

Now, we must not rest on our success. The U. The intersection between quality of life and economic development: Your notification has been saved. I have the leadership skills and experience necessary to manage the budget with foresight and practicality, while ensuring that there are ample funds available should there be a downturn in the economy without over taxing the taxpayers.

howard county missouri sheriff election

How do we deal with the dramatic increases in cases concerning drug related crime? Magazine Calendar.

howard county missouri sheriff election

Close 1 of 8. As well as, ensuring small business employers have same advantages corporations receive.


I believe that the sheriff's department for the past few years have been faced multiple issues that has caused a public mistrust of the agency. Arnie C. There are no Republican candidates running for these offices, so the primary essentially decides the election.