azul marino (in Spanish you do not use just "marino" as a.">

How to say navy blue in spanish

So, for example, the word azul does not change gender.

how to say navy blue in spanish

Los colores de nuestro colegio son blanco y azul marino. When you say or write the word claro CLAH-roh after another color word, you are talking about a lighter shade of the same color. Showing results for navy blue.

For example, if you wanted to say "the shirt is black," you would say "La camisa es negra. The word rojo is Spanish for the color red. My idea for translation is that basic abstract color terms , that is, words that refer only to a color, without any additional adjective, should be translated as is, if the word is available in the target language.

Don't modify color words in adjective phrases. El vestido que voy a ponerme es azul marino.

how to say navy blue in spanish

Keep in mind that this word should be after the color, not before, as it would be in English. You also can start with an "l" sound, which puts your tongue in the right position.

How would you describe the different shades of blue in spanish?

She wants to buy the blue T-shirt. You also can use words for types of wood to describe something as brown.

how to say navy blue in spanish

Looking for the noun blue instead? Related Articles. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Post as a guest Name. You also may use the word estampado ess-tahm-PAH-doh to simply say something has a pattern generally.

Colour words in Spanish (los colores)

Say azul , pronounced AH-sool, to describe something blue. Colors in Other Languages Pronouncing Spanish. Naturally, there are times where this will look weird, because in one language the term is usual but in the other it is obscure, so translation discretion is advised: The page is...

how to say navy blue in spanish

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