How to make a shirt sleeve placket

Step 2.

How to Make a Precision Placket

This makes more sense to me than any other tutorial on the subject I've seen! Fabulously detailed instructions! SO helpful! Notice the chalked lines, they will be used soon... After trying both methods, I have come to the conclusion that both the two piece and one piece tower placket are equal — neither is more difficult to sew and the finished plackets appear exactly the same.

Sewing A House (or Tower) Tailored Shirt Placket

Stitch very close to the folding line. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques.

how to make a shirt sleeve placket

Flip the tall column right side down over the inner column. Thank you for the fabulous tutorial! Adjust the placket length from the bottom edge to fit the hem vent.

how to make a shirt sleeve placket

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your tutorials. You are absolutely amazing! Log in to access the full library.

how to make a shirt sleeve placket

Using these fusible strips helps maintain accuracy while turning and pressing the narrow seam allowances, and holds them securely in place for stitching. Popular Latest Comments Tags.

how to make a shirt sleeve placket

Crepe de Chine How to handle this textured, drapey fabric. Fold the pressed edges in again, as shown.

A Guide to Sewing Professional Sleeve Plackets

First, mark the slash line on both your placket piece and your sleeve. Sign up for the Threads eletter Get the latest including tips, techniques and special offers straight to your inbox.

how to make a shirt sleeve placket

Wow - this is amazing!! I have bookmarked this for future reference. Pam, hope you will be home soon.

Fairfield Sew-Along: The Shirt Sleeve Placket

Nevermind, I still understand it in english, but english is not my language, but photos help a lot. Press thoroughly. Insert a pin from the right side just above the fold. I nearly tore my hair out over the placket the first time I made a man's dress shirt. Before applying the cuff, trim the edges of the placket even with the bottom of the sleeve.

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