How to make a bamboo dip pen

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how to make a bamboo dip pen

Step Two When you are happy with the broad dimensions of the nib, consider ink supply. Shave not cut.

Bamboo Pen Tutorial from Chopsticks – My way

More by the author: I made three bamboo pens in less than 15 minutes. Did you make this project? Reuse this content. And making art material DYI is something so dams sexy! Preferably towards a table or a rock, not your leg.

Make your own bamboo pen.

Do it slowly. Dziip 2 years ago. Start to make some indentations on the top of the bamboo pen.

how to make a bamboo dip pen

Sharp means safe, as opposite many people thinks. Bamboo Chopsticks.

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how to make a bamboo dip pen

Dip the nib into the ink long enough to allow a good globule to ascend through capillary action, then point the nib into the air, tapping the other end of the pen on to the table to allow even storage of ink in the reservoir.

I like to stay in the middle. Go slowly and take your time.

Bamboo Pen

This gives some springiness if you like it. I just like them. Nothing stops you to use the thinner section.