How to fix broken starter bolt

So, any other suggestions on how to get it out? Shop Prop Finder new!

how to fix broken starter bolt

If you can grab it with a stud remover try that. I had the impeller replaced and when the shop tried to start the motor, the starter spins without engaging the flywheel.

When you are ready to replace the starter, I suggest you look into the smaller, high torques starters that are now available. They make em small too, 6" or 8".

how to fix broken starter bolt

Or if not braze a rod a little small on the end of it, heat it all up and turn it out. Since you say you're good with engines, you should be able to try it yourself rather than paying a mechanic.

We had an overheating problem that we determined the cause to be a burned out impeller. May 6th, 2010, 08: Well I have bad news, bolts almost always break in the threaded area as they are weaker there. May 5th, 2010, 10: You can try turning it with the punch by hitting around the outside edge and causing it to turn , This has worked for me on all kinds of broken fasteners..

Previous Next. Posts Latest Activity. May 5th, 2010, 09: About Us Contact Us 800 869-1686. Patience is needed on this one. That said, it unfortunately leaves only one choice - pull the engine. If there room I would try to use a left handed drill.

how to fix broken starter bolt

The bad news is what I was afraid of. OK Cancel. I am a machinist and I see this all the time. Hey All, thanks for the fast response.


Rule 2, It's All Small Stuff!! Good Luck. First, drop the starter. All rights reserved. Page of 1.