How to calculate long range sniper shots

In use since the days of the excellent 1903 Springfield rifle, this formula is only employed for targets 500 yards or closer, after which the math constant changes:.

How Military Snipers Work

But at the end of the day, it comes down to what snipers call "rounds down range. Disregard the angle, ignore the direct distance from muzzle-to-target, concentrate only on adjusting elevation for the distance to where that vertical line touches the earth.

Say you have fixed-power 7x binoculars with 35 mm objective lenses — thus 35 mm divided by 7 equals an exit pupil of 5, meaning the cone of light reaching your eyes will be 5 millimeters.

Deduct this distance 15 yards from the 500 yards, then set your sights as if the target is 485 yards away, aim dead-on, and fire. The basic formula is 1. To keep all these variations straight, Gunsite precision rifle graduate Frank Zaluga devised his own formula graphic, which he forwarded to me. In theory, a headwind slightly increases drag on your bullet and thereby reduces its velocity, while a tailwind has the opposite effect.

how to calculate long range sniper shots

Squeeze on the Pause "I like to shoot on the respiratory pause on the down breath. Exit Pupil and Lowlight Observation At dusk and at night, the same as your scope's eye relief — at dusk and at night, your eye's pupil dilates, or widens, to 6 or 7 millimeters, so you can see better.

how to calculate long range sniper shots

George Reinas behind his rifle. BTHP Match round will impact six inches lower at 500 yards when fired from a 20-inch barrel, then when fired from a 24-inch barrel. If the wind is coming from the right, then you have to subtract that drift per 1,000 metres of range.

To pull a trigger and have it hit a target thousands of metres away is a remarkable feat. Once I let all my air out on that last exhale, that 1- to 3-second pause is the money spot where I want to take my shot.

how to calculate long range sniper shots

We use handmade ghillie suits that incorporate natural vegetation from the environments in which we operate. Some have slightly more powder, some are heavier, or vary in shape and size. Divide 150 the constant by that 4.

Shoot Like a Sniper: 10 Tips to Help Your Long-Range Shooting

So, you divide the 34 inches by the constant of 39. This only applies to.

how to calculate long range sniper shots

Concern about altitude change usually involves travel - say you regularly fire your rifle near St. Ultimately, the farther a sniper can be from his target and still remain accurate the more effective he is and the less likely he is to be discovered. Air Force. What's the difference?

how to calculate long range sniper shots