How to ascend weapon dark souls

Dragon Bone Fist.

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Click on the specific weapon to get a list of compatible base weapons:. Some ores can be fed to Kingseeker Frampt, and then broken down into smaller variants. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Weapon Modification

Compatible Bows: See Straight Swords See Greatswords. See Catalysts. Post as a guest Name. The player may also do this at any bonfire after purchasing a Weapon Smithbox.

how to ascend weapon dark souls

Great Lord Greatsword. The Weapon Smithbox and all blacksmiths can upgrade any intermediate level of any path not "requiring ascension". All blacksmiths can upgrade Armor.

how to ascend weapon dark souls

Crestfallen Merchant Sen's Fortress 4000 souls Merchant: Take long invisible path near Crystal Lizard Rare Drop: Vamos - The Catacombs. Oh boy, get to use this chart for when the remaster hits. It only happens when I'm on the upgrades page though. The weapon must be at the required level in order to be upgraded down a specific path and some require specific Embers that can be found throughout the world.

Quelaag's Furysword. Add me on psn thenotoriousjizm. I don't believe the second part is true, maybe just for the Remaster. Depending on the nature of the item you are reinforcing, the type and quantity of titanite will differ.

Rickert of Vinheim - New Londo Ruins. Greatshield of Artorias.

how to ascend weapon dark souls

Cancel Save. In the Demon Ruins , after descending the great stairs, taking the left path before walking up to the fog-gate will ultimately lead to the Ember.

Only blacksmiths can ascend a weapon and they need to have the appropriate Ember. Titanite Chunk.

how to ascend weapon dark souls