How much did obamas hawaii trip cost

7th trip to Hawaii for the President

That's seven out of 58 countries he visited as president through both terms. But there is no documented figure. It doesn't help that we don't know what the [total] costs are because the Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security [which oversees the Secret Service] haven't gotten their act together to turn them over to us.

how much did obamas hawaii trip cost

Trump 14, Obama 0. That's what we have the White House for. That stop added costs to the total estimate. Abe wants to use the visit to send a message that the alliance between former foes Japan and the U.

how much did obamas hawaii trip cost

North Korea. Click here for reprint permission.

Fact Check: Are President Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago similar to Obama's travels?

Except, he wants me to pay for it. Obama took three trips to seven African countries. But government records make reasonable estimates possible.

He was the first foreign head of state to meet with President-elect Donald Trump after the Nov. Climate change has not been the top issue in the city election, but more candidates are talking about its long-term impact.

how much did obamas hawaii trip cost

The short answer: He went to Africa, and he took their kids and friends and all that. We've been asking readers to send us fact-checkable claims from their town halls, and some readers flagged claims about the cost of Trump's trips. Bush visited 11.

how much did obamas hawaii trip cost

He went to Hawaii a lot. Clinton and Bush made similarly resource-intensive trips.

Obama's Hawaii Christmas vacations cost taxpayers $35 million over 8 years

President Donald Trump salutes as he arrives Feb. Call Customer Service. As Yoho says, the county wants to levy a special tax on the resort to pay for the overtime security costs. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.: Manage my subscription.

how much did obamas hawaii trip cost