Holly hagan vip who cares gif

holly hagan vip who cares gif

The 1D singer and pint-sized pop princess may be 'just friends' for now, but they would make a seriously cute couple! The two YouTube stars never stop making us laugh, and understandably the fans reckon they'd make one hell of a power couple.

Look at how cute they are together! The fact that Nina Dobrev quit the show that gave us Delena is a crime, and we don't think we'll ever recover.

holly hagan vip who cares gif

Or maybe we've just been looking a Tumblr a bit too much... This is a new entry, after the pair were spotted making a quick exit out of a party Justin Bieber was also at , making fans speculate that the two are becoming more than friends. This Supernatural duo has launched a thousand dedicated Tumblr accounts, and we totally understand why, tbh.

Instinct VIP interview with geordie shores Holly Hagan

And they've got a mini Cohen on the way! Total life goals. Like, so bad.

holly hagan vip who cares gif

Dan and Phil, Kylie and Jaden, Niall and Ariana… These are all people that have a dedicated fandom behind them crossing their fingers and wishing on any and all gods that they'd just get together already. The Edge of Reason', 2004. Okay so bare with us with this one, but Chim is actually a thing that people want to happen!

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Fans of Sherlock will recognise these two as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, but it's the characters that people want to see together... Gossip Girl and The OC ruled TV screens in the noughties, but fast forward to 2015 and our absolute favourite characters merged their shows together and formed the ultimate telly couple.

While we love that their friendship is the cutest thing ever, we can't help but hope they'll have extremely talented babies together one day soz, Calvin. Okay so this one borders on creepy, but we're going with it nonetheless.

Or at least they did in 2009. These two YouTube stars and real life BFFs have got themselves some seriously dedicated fans who just want them to get together once and for all. Just look at the way he stares at her! They're just too pretty not to be.

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Tramp and Lady in 'Lady and the Tramp', 1955. Yes, they're a couple on their Pretty Little Liars, but don't even lie and say you don't want them to be together in real life. Ever since these two took to the stage at the Oscars and JGL actually bowed at Emma's presence we've been shipping them really hard.