Different types of wreck this journal everywhere


My Atalier is so cool because it is safe… You can express yourself, be as creative as you want, explore different things, communicate to others, and understand how things and people work. Feb 05, 2015 Aisha rated it it was amazing.

different types of wreck this journal everywhere

Happy wrecking! So I put your books to practice in my classroom.

different types of wreck this journal everywhere

So, my classes are so great because they are in the most vulnerable stage of falling out of a creative life and here at my middle school we catch them. Aug 18 2012 12: I love your work and see a great deal of significance there, and hope you see it too. Tammy writes: Terri writes: Aug 30 2012 12: Perfect for sliding in your pocket or stuffing in your bag, Wreck This Journal Everywhere is the ideal creative companion! Leonie writes: Sharing your books and activities from the teacher packet are what I am most looking forward to in my new classrooms.

And challenge them to see their own potential. This year, I have a new position as a K-3 Reading Coach. Jodi England writes: How difficult it is to motivate them to write about topics about their life. We were very amused and I finally recognized that this is one of the glorious pages out of the journal I bought a few years ago and nearly forgot.

Wreck This Journal Everywhere

Destruction is awesome. My class is awesome! Why is my class great? Aug 16 2012 4: Congratulations for your work and new covers.

different types of wreck this journal everywhere

Aug 18 2012 1: Each year, I work on an Autobiographical Collage with my 8th grade art class as part of their graduation from our school. So keep on insipiring!