Artillery skill revamp wholesale

We decided that the difficulty of handling Dark Summoner needs to be a little simplier. I can guarantee that my information are detailed. Originally posted by BlazingSkies View Post. By improving the usability of Flash Kick, it is possible to have a more effective usage of skill combos.


Visit my Threads! New Buff: When used, it hits nearby enemies and avoids midair. Haha you're right. Class and Skill description. I knew something needs to be done for Raven after they decided to remove the Chain Star buff. In addition, the [General Attack Button] special skill, which only applies when Oracle Elder transforms.

Unlike other DN related sites, videos, and articles that slap you with new information Some doesn't provide sources , All my threads are subject for discussions and any changes regarding new information, and everyone are encouraged to discuss any useful information. Increased Generation Field explosive damage. Filtered by: Although the attack power has greatly improved, there was a bug that caused much higher damage than the usual and it has been fixed, you may feel that it's slightly weakened.

Even if they were buffed, we might not actually feel it because so many other skills take priority over them due to higher DPS or simply better rotational value i.

Rising Storm reduces the cooldown time of Cyclone Kick so that it keeps the same usability when using Ride Current. Of course. Therefore, We adjusted the attack power and Main Skills cooldown time. Wind Walker has an advantage to link skills when using Ride Current skill.

Hope to hear your thoughts. I despise using google translate nor blindly following the translation. I'm looking for info about it unless someone here who knows can reply your query. Search in titles only.