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Division by zero is known to mess up calculators and spreadsheets, but current thinking in cosmology reflects a different cause.

Fibonacci and the sunflower

He later went to Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily, and Provence, where he studied different numerical systems and methods of calculation. That is why we also talk of self-similarity. This feeling requires much empathy: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The table below shows how the ratios of the successive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence quickly converge on Phi. We attach another square to it, which has the length 2. The foundation of the Asiatic sequence isthe original man other wise known as the black man P. For information on the interesting properties and uses of the Fibonacci numbers see number games: Phi is also the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, and 21 is one of numbers in the Fibonacci series.

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While the proportion known as the Golden Mean has always existed in mathematics and in the physical universe, it is unknown exactly when it was first discovered and applied by mankind.

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Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

Love your site. Francis established his own order. The pentagram The pentagram is a regular, five-pointed star which is formed by the diagonals of a regular pentagon and which has been considered to be a magic sign since antiquity. There must be some sort of conspiracy for this with BIG money behind it. See https: I find that one of the more interesting things about phi is the manner in which the division of adjacent pairs of the Fibonacci series converges to the limit.

Like many other words in the English language, the answer depends on who you ask and where you ask it.