Whats happening in iraq today

Iraq's Kurdish regional parliament elects interim speaker amid boycott.

whats happening in iraq today

The Kurdistan Regional Government KRG , based in Erbil in northern Iraq and ruled by Massoud Barzani without a mandate since 2015, participates in the federal state institutions in Baghdad, but the Kurdish area is considered a semi-autonomous region.

Do More or Less in Iraq?

Blackwater Trial Goes to Jury: However, this didn't happen. Traditional community leaders in Sunni areas have been at the center of opposition to the Shiite-led government and have backed the efforts to counter the influence of extremists such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Strikes President Barack Obama has given the green light to two very different steps to address a security threat and a humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

whats happening in iraq today

Middle East 16 Feb 2019 14: Learn more about Iraq. The people battling against IS are made up of many different groups who all want to remove them from power.

Iraq Turmoil

Middle East Anger is simmering among Iraq's Kurdish youth. What's happening in Syria? It started as a supply run for a Kurdish army garrison, but it turned into a dramatic rescue mission faced with impossible choices.

The bombing raids wiped out nine fighting positions held by Islamic militants, officials said.

whats happening in iraq today

Yarallah said. Afghan Candidates Talk Of Harassment. As if all of the sudden it was bad and then all of the sudden we woke up one morning and they were defeated.

Current Situation in Iraq

Patrick Shanahan is on a surprise visit to Baghdad for talks on future of troops following the withdrawal from Syria. At War What Happened in Iraq: Many more may get caught up in the fighting and run the risk of being killed.

whats happening in iraq today

The 2003 invasion led by the United States ended the authoritarian regime of Saddam Hussein , who had ruled the country since 1979, and precipitated widespread insurgency and fighting between the Shiite and Sunni populations.

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