What is urine afb culture

When extra pulmonary TB disease outside the lungs is suspected, then a variety of other clinical specimens such as urine can be submitted for examination.

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Find out more. Submit With Order. I Want to... Collect Indicate specimen source: Urine for CMV culture must be received within 1 hour of collection.

what is urine afb culture

Have patient rinse mouth with water before collecting sputum to minimize contaminating specimen with food particles, mouthwash, or oral drugs, which may inhibit the growth of mycobacteria. If the AFB culture is positive, the lab will do what is known as a susceptibility test.

what is urine afb culture

Instructions for male patients to collect midstream urine for bacterial culture: Many things may affect your lab test results.

Overview Search Tests. You have symptoms of TB outside the lungs, a condition called extrapulmonary TB. Find Research Faculty Enter the last name, specialty or keyword for your search below.

what is urine afb culture

Okay, thanks. This is to find out if particular bacteria are present.

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These symptoms vary based on the site of infection. Why do I need this test? When courier service is not available, specimens can be sent by express mail or delivery service to: Quotes can be used to search for phrases.

what is urine afb culture

Specimen Preparation: