What is a good canon macro lens

Here is part one of my 3-part dissertation on DOF: The key is as large or larger than the subject is in real life. I have used it to get super-sharp landscapes as well as its usual macro work. Many other lenses are good for closeups, but if you want true macro photos you will need a macro lens.

what is a good canon macro lens

Camera video reviews. Users report this can bring the lens within a couple of inches of the subject.

what is a good canon macro lens

If 180mm is a better option for your needs than 100mm, this lens could be the right choice. This is useful to a degree in macro photography; however manual focus will be of more use.

Top 10 Best Canon Lenses For Macro Photography 2018

The longer the focal length higher number , the further away you can be, because the focal length does the work of bringing the subject in close. MEGA O. If you are using a backdrop such as rolled paper , the background blur aspect will probably not be important to you. Extra equipment is needed for 1: That may not matter for shooting a still life, but if you are photographing a small animal, the extra distance might be just what you need to keep from startling the critter.

One point that wasn't metioned in the article was the matter of perspective. Equally important, it is also cable of excellent quality and sharpness. Olympus M. Reading reviews of other macro lenses, including much more expensive ones, this seems fairly common among macros. Continuing the trend of excellent L-series Canon lenses for macro photography is the EF 180mm f. The fact that it is a macro lens as well as a tilt and shift lens is a very powerful combination.

While this lens does not have IS, it has a tripod collar to allow you to hold lens and camera still while shooting tiny things.

Canon Macro Lens

By comparison, most but not all macro prime lenses deliver a full 1. This reduces camera shake and blurring. Canon Macro Lenses Recommend.

what is a good canon macro lens

But here are a few relevant suggestions: