What does clamming up means down joy

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he clammed up tighter than a duck’s backside

Now the whole thing sounds funnier to me. Ontario, Canada. Your name or email address: It whistles as the sand, which hopefully contains the shellfish prey, falls out in a column. Gateshead How the men of the Gibside Estate went to war, some never to return Volunteers have traced the men of the estate, now owned by the National Trust, who fought in World War One; some never saw home again.

These are the Formula 1 drivers of the clam world. Newcastle City Centre Newcastle escape room Never Give Up's new Dungeon challenge is only for the bravest of visitors The Doctor Fitzakerley's Dungeon challenge looks rather frightening but has proved a big hit with Geordies. The "we still have another month of winter" quiz.

Gray and Inahara stomp around the sand like angry flamenco dancers in waders. The North East is well known and loved for the Geordie language and dialect which is sometimes indecipherable to Southern types.

Take the quiz Citation Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? What made you want to look up clam up?

How to catch RAZOR CLAMS. The most disgusting fun on the beach ever!!

This term alludes to the tightly closed valves of a live clam. One of our Facebook fans , Meg Henderson, tells us that the stottie is a cake of bread that was stotted thrown off the floor to see if it bounced, which showed it was ready. But we rather like it, so in it stays. Need even more definitions? Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram.

On the hunt at low tide with a plunger of a gun: The joy of razor clamming on Washington’s coast

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Before we start the list, a general key for pronouns, verbs and adverbs which are used in some of the examples but aren't good enough to make the list itself:. Although I'm very clear when writing, leaving a note seems really passive-aggressive. You little ripper! Show more comments.

Geordie words, phrases and sayings you'll only hear someone from Newcastle say

Test Your Vocabulary. In addition to the idiom beginning with clam clam up also see: Translation of clam up for Arabic Speakers. Because our culture tends to allow and even encourage men to vent their spleens.