What does a jungle cat eat

Mustelidae 65 animals. Pantherinae 7 animals. AnAge , licensed under CC. Habitat survival read: For Dutch visitors.

Jungle cat pictures and facts

In some cases, they jump on their attacker, but will usually retreat upon encountering larger threats. Felis 5 animals. Females are sexually mature at the age of 11 months and can give birth to two litters in a year, of 1-6 kittens. The Jungle Cat is active during the day, and they have a shelter to take refuge in if a rest is needed. Acinonychinae 1 animal.

what does a jungle cat eat

Sadly, they are frequently killed by man, and maybe we could not blame them the humans... Odobenidae 1 animal. When gestating is through 2 months , one to six kittens come out.

what does a jungle cat eat

Otocolobus 1 animal. In the wild, however, some Jungle Cats have been known to live for as long as twenty years. Gestation lasts 64-66 days and is remarkably short for an animal of this size.

Jungle cat (Felis Chaus)

While vertical bars are visible on the fur of kittens, these bars disappear in adult cats. In some areas jungle cats come close to villages and people and may even live in deserted houses. Males usually do not participate in the raising of kittens, but in captivity have been observed to be very protective of their offspring, more than the females, or males of other cat species. Cat of the month.

Jungle Cat Facts

Herpailurus 1 animal. Lion Panthera Leo Read more... Breeding season for the Jungle Cat depends on the range actually. The most distinctive feature of a jungle cat are equal-sized claws on both fore and hind legs unlike those of common domestic cats, for example, where hind claws are normally longer and stronger than fore , which allow it to climb down trees as easily as up, with its head facing downward. Adult weight: Ursidae 9 animals.

what does a jungle cat eat

Jungle cat pictures and facts. Let us go to the Jungle Cat's food habits, they eat small mammals, hares, snakes, birds, frogs and lizards. Some facts about the Jungle cat Adult weight: Your email address will not be published.