What beer goes best with spaghetti

You guys will think I am crazy but I really think a cold glass of milk pairs perfectly with spaghetti, it just washes down all that garlic and tomato acidity.

what beer goes best with spaghetti

Diet home. Six of the best matches for spaghetti bolognese. Spicy pasta sauces With hot spicy sauces such as arrabbiatta , aglio olio e peperoncino garlic, oil and chilli and puttanesca anchovies, capers and olives try either a sharply flavoured dry white wine or a rustic Italian red: But where do you start?

Take the complexity up a level and things get even better.

What beer pairs well with spaghetti?

I agree with suggestion about the other forum. Chardonnay is a classic pairing, but you can also try a dry Riesling, a pinot grigio or a pinot bianco.

what beer goes best with spaghetti

Great with all manner of pasta. Your other entry point is the sauce: Sneers Initiate 0 Dec 27, 2009 Pennsylvania.

what beer goes best with spaghetti

Recipes for Little Ones. I've never thought of it as a beer kinda meal, I'm more an Old Vine Zin, but a hoppy Ipa would be my guess. TurkeyFeathers likes this. David Swan has been a professional writer since 1991, working primarily on academic titles.

Beer and Food Pairing Guide

Suitable red wines include pinot noir and Sangiovese. Instagram Follow on Instagram.

what beer goes best with spaghetti

Top with the remaining bolognese sauce. Drain and return to the pan. Could you tell?