Sunvic sp100 instructions how to tie

sunvic sp100 instructions how to tie

Check must only be made by a suitably qualified electrician. Fault finding Cylinder Stat First of all, make sure you have wired to the correct terminals. It should be handed over to the applicable collection More information.

sunvic sp100 instructions how to tie

General Guide. The mid-position valve has three positions of operation, these depend on demand from the thermostats — see table below. Drayton; Eberle, Eliwell and Ranco.

Product Interchange and wiring guide

The components are also available individually. Available across UK and Ireland. This eliminates the need More information. If the Frost Thermostat is installed outside the heated area, i. Instat 868-a4 Features: Switch programmer to ON position.

SP100 to SunPro2000 Wiring Details

Flow capacity graph. No neutral. Blue wire on diverter valve must be connected to neutral. It is recommended that either the 10 way junction box or Sundial Wiring Centre should be used to ensure first time, fault free wiring.

Drayton Tap Thermostat 3 Way with So Sensor 15mm Brochure

Owner s Manual. Use the presetting key to remove the old gland seal see diagram.

sunvic sp100 instructions how to tie

Check mains supply is live to terminal L. Automatic By-Pass Valve Application Installation The automatic by-pass valve is designed to maintain a minimum flow rate in heating systems fitted with thermostatic radiator valves.

sunvic sp100 instructions how to tie

The diagrams refer only to 3 amp fuses for gas appliances throughout. A two More information.