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We can achieve the planning result with the minimum cost by this method. We can get a point on each line segment by 11 , and on this line segment this point is the best location for the substation to move on. Tulaz, S. In this paper, an improved substation locating and sizing method based on the weighted Voronoi diagram WVD and the transportation model was proposed.

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Self-Adjustment of the Weights The power supply range of each substation changes with its weight, and its location changes with its power supply range.

Step 1. The solutions researchers put forward can be divided into three types: Transformers in Bengaluru. Get Best Price Request a quote. Taking into account the issues above, we proposed two improvements based on the WVD. Step 2 parameter initialization. View Complete Details. The substation sites were used as vertices to construct a Voronoi diagram whose weight is 1 to determine the load carried by each substation and calculate the power supply radius: Recently, some scholars tried to introduce the geometric Voronoi diagram into power systems.

The sites were adjusted in this way: Using mathematical methods to solve programming problems had strict optimality but could hardly get a feasible optimized solution when faced with complex and large-scale problems [ 16 ]. Figure 7: Domingo, A. The average power supply radius of each substation was calculated according to the rated capacity of each identified substation and the average load density of the whole planning area: To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Applied Mathematics, enter your email address in the box below.

The impact of geographical factors is also considered in this paper. We chose the one with the lowest cost from these points as the final site.

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The Weighted Voronoi Diagram Given a control point set on the plane , , the weighted Voronoi diagram of any point can be defined as where , is the Euclidean distance between and , and is the weight of. The location and the capacity of every substation which are calculated by the WVD should be prepared.

Power Station. Liu, R.