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When Paul and Linda came back the next day, Dana mentioned he still wanted to hear Paul's music. Many of Smigel's sketches have gone on to become absolute classics, notably the infamous sketch in which William Shatner tells a convention full of "Star Trek" fans to "get a life, will you people?

howard stern dana carvey church

Because, you know, wood is just as good at providing traction and supporting vehicles as rubber tires. I just thought he was so, just charming. For years, one of the most popular figures in late night wasn't even human.

You Need to See ‘SNL’ Alum Dana Carvey’s 17 Perfect Impressions (VIDEO)

He also described Kim Kardashian and how she takes pictures of her bottom with her "baby television" that everyone has in their pockets now. Check out "Triumph's Election Special 2016," now available on Hulu. From 1996 to about 2007 with occasional appearances thereafter , Smigel carved out a corner of several episodes for his unique brand of cartoon insanity known as "TV Funhouse.

He recovered quickly, though, by asking Paul a question not about his work with the Beatles but about a song Paul wrote in the early '80s called "Tug of War.

howard stern dana carvey church

Later, while a college student at San Francisco State, Dana interviewed Robin for a class paper and noticed something strange. Conan O'Brien's first foray into "Late Night" took the silly, strange advancements that David Letterman brought to the format and pushed them to the next natural level of insanity.

On Wednesday, the president's former personal lawyer and fixer is scheduled to testify in a public hearing. Comedy is filled with unsung heroes - those folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to craft the perfect joke or bit that keeps you laughing even years later.

Dana Carvey Does a Humorous Impression of Paul McCartney Explaining Life in 2016 to John Lennon

But while he loved the impression, Johnny did not. Hailing from more than 20 countries and encompassing almost every style, the 87 winners of the Best Animated Short Subject Oscar double as a microcosm of the history of world animation.

Dana told Howard he once served breakfast to comedian Richard Pryor while he was working as a waiter at a Holiday Inn. Everyone's favorite insult comic dog still makes less-frequent appearances on "Conan," but has gone on to star in his own Adult Swim series "The Jack and Triumph Show," a Hulu special, and countless cameos, including in an Eminem video!

He also explained to Howard how Williams once apologized in case he ever stole a joke or comedy bit from Dana. Welcome to the dystopian future we live in now, where there's no limit to the crimes technology can help you commit.

howard stern dana carvey church

Check out the highlights and hardest laughs from Dana Carvey's visit to the Stern Show and check out his new comedy special, " Straight White Male, 60 ," premiering Friday Nov.