How to use metamorph themes

Help with metamorph theme

It seems all the UIs that really go for the more minimal, squared approach are quite rare. Thanks, awesome application! I DL'ed the file and used metamorph to open it.

how to use metamorph themes

I didn't want to tack onto a longer thread and wasn't sure if such a thread existed yet. If you have questions about how MetaMorph can be used and how to create packages for it, please leave them here.

Also, how do you use MM to apply the themes?

how to use metamorph themes

LG G8 ThinQ: In the same sense, if the desired change does not happen it is most likely not because of metamorph, but rather a fault in the package or instructions that metamorph was given. Your name or email address: Search tags for this page.

Metamorph themes

In this thread we will discuss how to theme using MetaMorph and any bugs that may be found with MetaMorph. User 5th June 2013 , valusss 7th March 2014 , winny57 6th March 2014 , xenreon 18th December 2015 , Yonnor 13th June 2012 , zieaditya 15th January 2012.

how to use metamorph themes

It looks awesome but I'm getting an occasional home force close. Credits for the MetaMorph Gui The application go to Stericson Honorable mentions go to Riku, prash, and djengizz For continued support and testing metamorph!

how to use metamorph themes

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how to use metamorph themes

I tried to use that theme but for some reason it can't find the theme file. Feb 23, 2010 Messages: There are settings to change to avoid some of this, but let's not go there YET If you do reboot, you'll want to reopen Metamorph, perform the checks, then choose Existing theme, go to the unzipped Metamorph theme folder and browse to the XML file and go through the rest of the ones you want.

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