How to use back arrow mirana nightshade

how to use back arrow mirana nightshade

I can't imagine you can play potm more than 3 games and not realize that you can turn around in the air, which is literally the entire "trick" in DotA 2. Liquipedia Tournament Info. Timing is also an essential part, allowing to turn this hero into a mean killing machine.

how to use back arrow mirana nightshade

So if you throw a spear and blinks away, your damage will be higher in your example, it's 1200 range. Elune's Arrow R - Mirana shoots a magical arrow that stuns from 0. Barracx ThePrime.


All rights reserved. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's actually how it works. What happens is that Mirana will try to fire the arrow immediately since she doesn't have to turn around.

how to use back arrow mirana nightshade

This isn't back arrow at all. You can't path anywhere else you're still leaping , but you can turn. All rights reserved.

how to use back arrow mirana nightshade

Full Standings. Moonlight Shadow W - Mirana's ultimatum turns her and all allied heroes on the map invisible for 11 seconds. Create an account.

DotA Guide: Mirana Nightshade - Priestess of the Moon Introduction

Mirana is a fun to play hero that need lots of practice to master. It sounds like you leaping and then clicking in the direction you used leap which is infront of you. Avoiding incoming projectiles can also be achieved with a bit of exercise. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Mirana back-arrow trick in Dota 2 Video youtube. You can turn while in midair, the same as you could while walking around.

If you have other suggestions please let all the DotA fans know in a comment. Fast arrow: Log in or sign up in seconds. This spell can have a double use: