How to modify a taurus ct9 magazine

Being a blowback action, it has fewer of the regulated parts than most locked-breech rifles.

how to modify a taurus ct9 magazine

The carbine has been in development for a couple of years and turned a lot of heads when it was first announced. Results 1 to 10 of 19.

how to modify a taurus ct9 magazine

I've been considering having a flash hider added to the barrel and modifying the magazines to hold 15-20 rounds, but I don't know if this would violate the 922r laws. Texheim and jwc007 like this.

how to modify a taurus ct9 magazine

I'm thinking if I cut the floor plate loop off the CT9 mags then I might get 18 or 19 into one. It always goes 9mm then a 40 followed by a 45. The pistol grip is copied from the AR, and is fine.

how to modify a taurus ct9 magazine

All rights reserved. The rifle has a pushpin system for the stock and the mags will be coming from third party manufacturers eventually.

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Thanks to the minimal weight of the CT9 stock, it balances too far forward, and feels heavier than it really is which, at 7. Taurus is, and will be for the foreseeable future, the main firearms provider for all branches of Brazilian Armed Forces and Police. No laws are broken there, It is still semi-auto and carbine length barrel.

Which, in my opinion, is the best thing they could have done given the circumstances.

Gun Review: Taurus CT9 Carbine

I have modified a couple of AR-15 32rd 9mm mags to fit my Taurus. Give about a day been working 12-14 hour days. Had me going until I saw proprietary mags.

how to modify a taurus ct9 magazine

There are so many better options. I hear others say no.. Taurus chose to put the CT9 magazine well ahead of the grip and trigger.