How to make fake baby poop

Because your baby is. Take the now open cardboard roll and push it to the bottom of the bowl of water. Fill a bowl with water. Method 3.


Set aside to dry. You know how much moms love changing diapers and all.

how to make fake baby poop

Image via Bespokebabies. In this Article: These fake poops contain dairy products. If you really need to stop laughing, think about something serious.

Together, they cited information from 6 references. On your toilet paper roll, you should see that it is formed by a spiral glued to itself. Some of them are creepily life-like, and there are even ones that are designed to look like they're breathing. Christie Haskell February 23, 2011 at 3: Knead the mixture for about a minute. The ingredients will form a dough that you mold into fake poop.

how to make fake baby poop

Thanks for letting us know. Chunky peanut butter can add a little texture to the eventual product. You may be able to make your fake poop last longer by sprinkling a bit of water over it as it begins to dry.

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Remove the cardboard from the water. Open the cardboard roll.

how to make fake baby poop

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